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It’s certainly no secret that the property market has experienced its fair share of challenges over the last few years, and the latest data indicates that this is a trend which is set to continue.

The Future of the London Property Market

In January 2023, the average asking price for a London home was £668,000. Despite being some 6% [1] higher than in the same period in 2022, this figure is significantly below the £696,000 peak seen in October 2022.

Currently, demand for new properties in the Capital is falling notably more sharply than new home availability, which suggests that both property prices and the volume of successful transactions are going to reduce in the coming months.

As such, real estate specialists are forecasting a 4% decrease [2] in housing prices across the Greater London area throughout 2023, which would equate to a £28,000 reduction in the value of the average London home. However, there is some good news for potential sellers as these decreases are set to be relatively short-lived. Property prices are predicted to increase by 14% by 2027, with 5% increases expected [3] in both 2026 and 2027.

So, it is perhaps little surprise that many London home owners are choosing to press the pause button on their planned move until the market becomes more stable. If you are a wise seller with one eye on a future sale, now could be the ideal time to invest in the look, feel and functionality of your home. However, if you aren’t quite sure where to start, teams providing expert interior design in Chelsea can help you to realise your vision and increase the overall value of your home.

The Value of Expert Interior Design in Chelsea

Hello of Mayfair Interiors is an award-winning interior design practice specialising in creating beautiful designs for our clients in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

Our philosophy is centred on listening, understanding and designing, which allows us to respond to individual needs, wants and desires when creating exceptional, beautiful and functional living spaces. Additionally, our full turnkey service incorporates everything from bespoke interior architecture and furniture construction to high quality project management that delivers on time.

So, whether you are envisioning a minimalist, ultra-modern design or want to enhance the existing features of your property, we understand how to apply the fundamentals of exceptional design to every project. Our unparalleled team of designers has a proven track record in realising even the most ambitious projects, working hard to create stunning, practical and imaginative spaces that are impossible not to admire.

Hello of Mayfair is a leading specialist in bespoke interior design in Chelsea and the wider London area. Please contact us to find out how we can work together to maximise the value of your property and create a breathtaking living space that works for you.



[1] London Housing Market Report: January 2023

[2] House price forecast: average London home value could drop £28,000 next year before rising £124,000 by 2027

[3] House price forecast: average London home value could drop £28,000 next year before rising £124,000 by 2027

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