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The property market across the UK has been in a constant state of flux for some time, however, data sources indicate that the market in parts of London is especially buoyant and delivering exciting opportunities for both buyers and sellers.

A Snapshot of the Current London Property Market

Although mortgage rates are currently at a level that hasn’t been seen since 2011, asking prices in London have increased by 2% since the beginning of 2023 [1], which is notably higher than the 0.8% rise that has been seen across the rest of the UK.

What is equally impressive is that the average property seller in London managed to secure a sale worth 97.5% of the asking price, although there is some variation across boroughs. For example, asking prices in Camden have increased by more than 13% [1] from the same time period in 2022, whereas asking prices in the borough of Kensington and Chelsea have fallen by 1.8%. This means that sellers are realising the benefits of the investments they have made in their property, including elevating their interiors in terms of both functionality and design.

So, if you are planning to make the move to a different borough or you are considering putting down roots outside of the Capital for work, financial or personal reasons either in the shorter or much longer term, investing in your surroundings now will ultimately help you to maximise the sale value of your current property.

Interior Design in Notting Hill

Whether you have a clear vision or would like the support and advice from an expert team specialising in interior design in Notting Hill, investing in your home doesn’t need to feel like an impossible task.

Hello of Mayfair interiors specialises in delivering exceptional interior design in Notting Hill for both private and commercial clients across the UK, Europe and the Middle East. Our award-winning design philosophy keeps the fundamentals of quality design at its heart, allowing us the freedom to listen and to understand the needs and aspirations of every single client. Our full turnkey service is designed to deliver optimal experiences for our clients and can encompass everything from high quality project management to furniture construction and unique interior architecture.

Regardless as to whether you want a chic minimalist design to maximise light and space in a property in the heart of the city or you are keen to enhance the features of a period property with smart design and furniture choices, our design team has a wealth of experience in realising ambitious, imaginative and functional design projects.

Please contact Hello of Mayfair today to learn more about how we can collaborate to both maximise the value of your property and develop a beautiful home that works for you and your lifestyle.



[1] London calling: Why are asking prices in the capital rising AGAIN despite buyers facing the biggest mortgage crunch for more than a decade?

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