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Luxury Interior Design in Notting Hill and Surrounding Areas

Notting Hill has always been irresistible to an eclectic mix of the British populace. From musicians to financiers, this renowned London district’s bohemian vibe attracts them all. It has an exciting selection of independent shops, restaurants, cafes and delis and offers a fabulous community feel with incredible architecture, transport links and schools [1].

It is little wonder, therefore, that property owners in the district are choosing to update their existing properties rather than relocate. Even those who are planning a house move tend to upgrade to a larger or more luxurious property within the same postcode area, and it is fairly rare for owners who have made Notting Hill their home to leave the area.

Whether updating or upgrading, one thing is for certain; Notting Hill residents have impeccable taste, and their homes reflect this, with many homeowners choosing 2023 to invest in luxury interior design in Notting Hill.

Timeless style and elegance

The “quiet luxury” trend [2] is gaining pace, with simple, refined colour palates and high quality materials creating serene and peaceful spaces that enable homeowners to take joy from the results of luxury interior design in Notting Hill.

This trend appeals to homeowners with no intention of moving and to those who are contemplating marketing their property. For anyone that wishes to stay put, this trend affords them a clean, fresh space to enjoy, filled with sustainable and high quality furniture and accessories that truly make the space their own. For owners planning to move on, a design-led, inspiring interior will ensure that would-be buyers are less inclined to haggle on price when it is clear that the property is ready to move into.

Warm your space with bold colours

Ruby red accents, natural wood finishes and brass tones will feature prominently this year. These bold colours bring warmth to your space, especially when teamed with rather more neutral wall and floor coverings. Specialists in luxury interior design in Notting Hill are experts at incorporating these bold colours in a way that emphasises the size and ambience of the space.

Bring nature in

Environmental sustainability is a movement that is gathering pace in so many contexts, with consumers ever more aware of the need to reduce their carbon footprint. Choosing sustainably sourced natural materials such as wood and stone allows owners to demonstrate their green credentials while creating a haven of calm.

This natural feeling can be further emphasised with the addition of plants and other greenery, which will promote well-being and add a delightful splash of colour to enhance a homely atmosphere.

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[1] https://www.homesandgardens.com/interior-design/quiet-luxury-trend

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